Outdoor Photography

My portfolio of Irish outdoor photos is constantly expanding. Many of these have been published in a number of best-selling outdoor magazines, including Country Walking, Trail and the BBC’s Countryfile magazine. I also provided every photo appearing in my guidebook Ireland's County High Points - A Walking Guide and in my list book The Gribbons: A Complete List of Ireland's Major Geographical High Points.

I always aim to achieve the best natural images when carrying out my photography fieldwork. This eliminates having to resort to the extreme levels of computer manipulation which so many photographers seem to rely upon. At most, some of my images have been subjected to a minimal amount of computer enhancement using Photoshop software, but never to the extent of PhoBAR (i.e. Photoshopped Beyond All Recognition). As a result, the lighting and colours in my final images are a true representation of what you can actually expect to see in Ireland.

I have uploaded a variety of Ireland photos to my Flickr photostream. Feel free to browse at your leisure. The main sets are:

  Irish Landscapes

  Irish Landmarks & Sights

  Human Environment

  Irish Wildlife


  Big Skies

The images I produce are used primarily to illustrate my various outdoor writing projects. However, if you see a photo which you would like to purchase - either as a print or for use in a publication / website - please feel free to contact me and I will arrange to supply it.