Ireland Walking Maps

A map can be one of the most vital pieces of equipment you carry on a walk. There is a good selection of Irish walking maps to choose from, and the most recommended series of maps are published by a variety of public and private map makers:

1:25,000 Maps

  OSNI 1:25,000 Activity Maps (6 titles)

  OSi 1:25,000 Maps (4 titles)

  EastWest Mapping 1:25,000 Maps (1 title)

  Harvey 1:25,000 Superwalker Series Maps (1 title)

1:30,000 Maps

  EastWest Mapping 1:30,000 Maps (4 titles)

  Harvey 1:30,000 Superwalker Series Maps (3 titles)

1:50,000 Maps

  OSi 1:50,000 Discovery Series Maps (75 titles)

  OSNI 1:50,000 Discoverer Series Maps (18 titles)